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Business Valuations are used by buyers and sellers to determine the price that one is willing to pay or receive to bring about a sale of a business. A valuation or appraisal of a going concern provides an estimate of the economic value of the business or an owner’s interest in a business.

In order to determine the Fair Market Value of your business, we can provide a comprehensive Business Broker Price Opinion.

It is important to distinguish a formal business valuation (appraisal) from a Business Broker Price Opinion.

A Business Broker Price Opinion is a broker’s opinion of what a business may sell for, based upon his/her personal analysis, industry expertise, knowledge of local markets and lending, and comparable past sales.

An appraisal is rendered by certified professionals, much like appraisers for real property. Appraisers generally do not engage in the assistance of buying and selling businesses or real estate.

Should your business be sold with an SBA loan, the lender will still order an "arm’s length appraisal" for the buyer.

A Business Broker Price Opinion is not an appraisal. However, as an experienced business intermediary, I am providing a proposed price based on a realistic "Most Probable Sales Price" (MPSP) range.

The Business Broker Price Opinion provides a business seller with expectations on what the business may sell for, given the intended pool of potential buyers, at that given time.

For some businesses, the Business Broker Price Opinion is then used to set and communicate an asking price or to further position their business for sale at a future date.

The Business Broker Price Opinions are generally about 15-20 pages with the supporting documents.

Pricing for Broker Price Opinion services vary depending on the size and scope of assignment.

Once all the necessary documents are received, turnaround time is generally 7-10 business days.

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