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Business Brokerage Solutions

Long Realty Business Brokerage specializes in meeting the needs of today’s business buyers and sellers. Offering consulting and broker services to clients regarding valuations, business sales and acquisitions. Dana Cole is an award winning professional broker who has been serving clients throughout southern Arizona since 1990.

We invite you to experience the difference.

Valuations ane Intermediary Engagement
& Intermediary Engagement

Business owners often do not know the fair market value of their business. Although the ultimate purchase price will be determined by the marketplace, having an experienced business intermediary involved in the valuation, marketing, and sale of your business should provide an environment where the best possible value can be placed on the business and subsequently supported in negotiations with buyers. This detailed approach translates into a greater success rate in escrow closings.

Positioning Your Business for Sale
Your Business For Sale

We consult all our clients in the preparation of their Business for sale. It is very important for businesses to be positioned properly. You will sell your business only once. Therefore, you must plan for the sale very carefully. Preparing your company for sale is almost as important as the sale itself. Getting the best price for your business is not simply a matter of driving a hard bargain.

Marketing and Promotion
& Promotion

Over the years we have developed an approach, which covers all the methods available to reach the potential buyers of your business. We create a professional, comprehensive Business Offering Profile of your business to distribute to qualified purchasers. We distribute information about your business to the appropriate buyer targets.

Qualifying Prospective Purchasers
Prospective Purchasers

Any prospects are required to sign a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement that explains the sensitive nature of the information to be provided. Prospective Buyers’ will be carefully interviewed in order to pre-qualify them both experientially and financially.

Negotiation and Tranaction Support
Contract Negotiation
& Transaction Support

As licensed real estate brokers, we are able to prepare the contract and/or counter-offer. While we work together on your behalf, we also include your attorney and tax advisor on our team during the negotiation and due diligence process.

Our team will facilitate the transaction through closing. This time frame will depend upon the specifics of the sale and the size of transaction but can range from six weeks to several months.

Escrow and Closing
& Closing

Once all of the contingencies of the sale have been met, the closing will be set up with a title and escrow company. Business closings are usually done with all parties present. If the real estate is a part of the transaction, both the business and real estate will be closed at the same time.

There is usually a transitional period of training and consultation that the seller has contractually agreed to provide the purchaser and it typically begins right away, following close of escrow.

Buying a Business?

We offer our clients years of professionalism, experience, expertise, and knowledge in the process of buying a business. Dana Cole is an award winning member of the Arizona Business Brokers Association (AZBBA). We understand the challenges of buying a business and if necessary, completing the financing process.

We specialize in representing buyers in the Tucson and surrounding area. We are also qualified and licensed to assist you purchase a business statewide.

Our Firm Assists our Buyers:

  • Determine Your Business Fit
  • Research The Business’s or Industries of Interest
  • Facilitate Institutional Financing (If Needed)
  • Cooperate with Fellow Business Brokers to Maximize Your Business Choices
  • As Licensed Agents We Facilitate the Contract Negotiations and Title Process
  • Collaborate with Your Team of Advisors
Selling Your Business?

The decision to sell your business can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Turning your operation into cash is a complex affair involving hundreds of variables. We have professionally orchestrated hundreds of business sales transactions and are qualified to assist you through the process of Selling Your Business.

Our firm subscribes to the AZBBA “Code of Ethics” and we treat all transactions in a discreet and confidential manner.

Our Firm Assists Our Seller’s:

  • Understand The Process of Selling Your Business
  • Understand If the Timing Is Right
  • Value Your Business
  • Assist in Positioning Your Business for Sale
  • Coordinate with Your Advisors to Organize Finances
  • Create Your Marketing Package
  • Assist in Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Collaborate with Your Team of Advisors
Business Valuations

A valuation or appraisal of a going concern provides an estimate of the economic value of the business or an owner’s interest in a business. Business Valuations are used by buyers and sellers to determine the price that one is willing to pay or receive to bring about a sale of a business. In addition to estimating the selling prices, valuation tools are used to allocate business purchase price among business assets, to establish a partner’s ownership interest for buy-sell agreements, and for many other business and legal purposes.

Pricing for business valuation services vary depending on the size and scope of assignment.

In order to determine the Fair Market Value of your business, we can provide:

  • An Asset-based Business Valuation (ABBV) or;
  • “Broker Price Opinion” which is an abbreviated version of our ABBV, in order to initially determine the viability of Selling Your Business.